UK Homeless

Support our distribution of essentials, (food, clothes, hygiene) items, for those in the extreme dangers of sleeping rough Read more

Aleppo Refugee Camp

Please help Al Fatiha Global build a second refugee camp inside Syria, for the 100,000 besieged civilians that were recently evacuated from Aleppo. Idlib council has donated the land to Al Fatiha Global for the camp. Read more


Providing blankets to families in northern Syria, before the winter snows hit Read more

e-Aid Card resources

Al Fatiha Global E-Aid Card System Read more

Gaza Water 250L Tanks

Provide a Palestinian family, 250 Litres of drinking water, every week for a year Read more

Aid Container

Get a pallet of food or Hygiene products into Syria for £250 a pallet including distribution inside Syria Read more

Winter Clothing

Children inevitably outgrow their clothes, before they year is out. Adults wear out clothes that are lived in continuously. Read more